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NESIT Hackerspace Break-In

NESIT, a Connecticut hackerspace, was burglarized Sunday morning between 3:00am and 4:30am and is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the burglar. They have released some of their security footage from the burglary. They ask that anyone who recognizes the burglar or has information call them at 1-203-51-HACKS (1-203-514-2257).

Within the first 10 seconds, you see what appears to be a camera in the hallway get covered up by something from behind. Afterwards, you can see someone calmly walking around the inside of the hackerspace for the next hour and a half with a headlamp on. The headlamp turns out to be pretty beneficial for NESIT, because as a Facebook commentator pointed out, you can see that the burglar is roughly as tall as one of the shelves in the space.

What I found most interesting, however, is that around 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the footage you get a pretty nice shot of… cleavage? No, I’m not being a jokester. It *appeared *to me that the burglar was wearing a low-cut shirt with some type of line up the middle. It looked like cleavage to me and the second opinion of my girlfriend, but NESIT believes that this was actually a shirt that was wrapped around the burglar’s head. UPDATE: After a second, closer look at the surveillance footage, I agree with NESIT.

Despite the security footage being black and white and fairly low in quality, it tells us quite a bit.

  • The burglar was familiar enough with the location to know about the hallway surveillance camera.
  • The burglar was not familiar enough to know about the other cameras inside the hackerspace.
  • The burglar was comfortable enough to spend **an hour and a half **walking around and looking through boxes and drawers.
  • The burglar’s height is roughly as tall as one of the shelves in the hackerspace. UPDATE: I’m told that the height is between 6’0″ and 6’2″.
  • The burglar has enough strength to pry off the lock on the door and part of the concrete wall.

I sure hope they catch the bad guy.