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I Have a New Home and New Job!

Almost three years ago, I wrote a post about moving to San Francisco and was happier than a pig in shit. Well, today I’m even more excited to announce that I’ve moved to Oregon!

When I was between the ages and 12 and 14, my parents moved us to a very small farm and I absolutely loved it. I had lots of space to myself, fresh air, and animals to care for. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before my parents lost the farm and we ended up moving back to the suburbs.

I went the rest of my life (so far :)) reminiscing about that farm and, late last year, Erica and I started at homes. We started in the Petaluma area but we found it a bit too expensive for what we were looking for. We gradually continued our search further and further North until we found the Grants Pass/Medford/Ashland, Oregon area.

We put an offer on our house in December and we finally moved in at the beginning of February. It’s been a month since then and we still wake up every day and look out across the valley to exclaim “wow, I still can’t believe we live here!”

View from home

Around the time we put an offer on this house, I also changed jobs. I ultimately wound up at Stripe and, if you’re interested in solving challenging problems, you should apply to come work for us :)

I’m currently assigned to the Systems team as a Site Reliability Engineer working on how Stripe’s engineering teams reliably run and consume services at scale.

Anyway, these last three months have been amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing what the next three bring.