Charles Hooper

Thoughts and projects from an infrastructure engineer


Below is a list of various projects I’ve worked on mostly outside of work. I may also have some unlisted projects on Github and BitBucket.


elbping is a small ping tool for diagnosing Amazon Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs). It’s purpose is to measure latency and loss to the individual nodes that make up an ELB.

Cost Behavior Analysis Calculator

I wrote a web-based cost behavior analyzer, which is really just what business people call linear regressions.

Twitter BookSuggest

Twiter BookSuggest was a web application that made book recommendations for a person based on what they wrote about on Twitter, now deprecated.


Generate recommendations of arbitrary objects.


Just me messing around with Markov chains. Includes an IRC bot.


Fork of the python collectd module adding some improvements.


This “maxbets” project was something I wrote many (circa 2007) years ago to screen-scrape and display information from a web-based mafia game.


Crawl user profiles of players on


Simple shell script that takes snapshots from all installed webcams. Add to cron for best effect.

Twitter Repeater

twitter-repeater is a bot that automatically retweets any tweets in which its name is “mentioned” in.

RESTful SQLite Webservice

”SQLitebot” is a REST-like HTTP interface to SQLite databases.

Python USB I/O 24 Module

Implements the Version 3 commandset for the USB I/O 24 controller board and a related relay board.