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2012 Annual Review

Here are some stats from 2012:

  • Only 3 posts published.
  • 50,791 pageviews.
  • 36,176 visitors (32,007 unique)
  • 71.97% bounce rate.
  • Same great position at dotCloud!

Interestingly, my stats compared to last year aren’t too different, despite the fact that I only wrote 3 blog posts this year (instead of 10 last year). What’s also interesting is the HUGE spike in bounce rate (which used to be almost non-existent). This spike begins right around the time I hit a “home run” in terms of driving new traffic.

Going forward, I am going to try to post more (again). I’ve said this before but have yet to succeed. This time around, I changed my posting rules to allow me to write about topics more personal to me or more opinionated in nature.