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An Early Year-end Review – Highlights

Since I’ve only written 3 blog posts so far this year and alot has changed, here’s a brief summary of what I’ll be writing about in my annual review:

  • I stopped doing contract work and started working for dotCloud part time,
  • As of tomorrow, I’ll officially have completed the requirements for my Bachelor’s degree,
  • I found myself, politically (I won’t be writing about this, but it is a big deal to me).

What does the future hold for me?

  • dotCloud offered me a full time position and I accepted; I will start January 2nd,
  • I have a variety of side projects planned but it’s too soon to tell how much of my free time I’ll want to spend on them,
  • I hope to become more involved with my local community and the ACM,
  • I’ve made the decision to stop writing so much on Facebook and Twitter and write more here.

That last item has big implications for this blog. It means that I’ll be writing about more personal subjects and opinions I have instead of wasting that effort on Twitter and Facebook (where relatives I haven’t seen in 20 years take the opportunities to rant on my wall). Some of these opinions may also be controversial and, that’s OK, we’re meant to disagree on some things. Some of them may even be ill-formed as they’ll be outside of my area of expertise. That’s OK too, just write me and educate me.