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I Have a New Job at Truss!

Two weeks ago I started a new job at Truss after leaving Heroku two months ago.

Working at Heroku was an amazing experience in many ways. I achieved the highest level of work-life balance so far in my life, I had great coaches, and I solved a lot of challenging and interesting problems.

But it’s time to move on so after a month and half of downtime I’ve joined Truss as an operations engineer.

I joined Truss for a number of reasons:

  1. I wanted to consult again; consultants are given more ownership of the problems they are tasked with solving and there’s always something new to do

  2. I believe there is a ton of opportunity for infrastructure consulting and engineering, both in government and in private industry

  3. I wanted to work with the folks on this team in particlar

Thanks to all the folks who made my time at Heroku awesome and the folks who have been most welcoming at Truss. I’m already enjoying working together!